Sustainable Material Consultancy

Decarbonated have built up a vast knowledge of the latest sustainable materials that could help make your products more environmentally sound. If you are looking for sustainable alternatives to your current production method, Decarbonated offer a research study service to find the most appropriate sustainable, low carbon and innovative solutions for your product needs. Decarbonated can tailor the service to any specific properties required and manufacturing techniques used.

Sustainable progression

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Progressions in sustainable materials, over the last ten years, have made them a viable alternative, the competitive price and consistent strength has further increased the appeal of bio based alternatives. There is a growing demand from the end user for sustainable, recyclable and ecologically sound products and Decarbonated can help facilitate the introduction of these alternatives into your product line.

Types of Sustainable materials

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Decarbonated have direct experience with many types of plant or low carbon materials;

  • Plant based or recycled foams
  • Bio Resins – Epoxy and Unsaturated Polyester alternatives
  • Natural fibres
  • Bio-Plastics
  • And many more

Decarbonated can demonstrate an array of potential options depending on the specific manufacturing processes and techniques used, required material strength, properties and finish.

Sustainable materials offer a new avenue for any product line in order to meet the increasing demand for eco products

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