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Decarbonated are passionate about Extreme Sports and are trying to improve the environmental performance of this sector. We offer a branded environmental consultancy that Extreme Sports clients can recognise and trust.  Decarbonated are committed to working with surfboard shapers, Extreme Sports companies and events to promote environmental responsibility and implement improvements.

Surfboard Carbon Calculator TM

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Check out the Surfboard Carbon CalculatorTM now and work out the carbon footprint of your surfboards!

Decarbonated have created the world first Surfboard Carbon CalculatorTM, in which the carbon footprint of a surfboard can be estimated depending on several factors;

  •     Shape
  •     Size
  •     Materials (resin, foam and number/assortment of fibre reinforcement)
  •     Fin set-up (plugs, boxes and the fins themselves)
  •     Production method
  •     Maintenance and ding repairs

The tool was created to educate surfers about the environmental damage our sport produces, and to allow the industry to purchase UN Kyoto Compliant Carbon credits to Carbon offset their surfing equipment.

Extreme Sports Industry

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Decarbonated are trying to engage the entire supply chain from material suppliers, Surfboard shapers, Ski and Snowboard manufactures and producers, distributors, retailers and end users.  Everyone involved has an impact and the ability to reduce it, so it is important that Decarbonated work at all levels.

Decarbonated want to offer sports equipment that keeps its high performance without sacrificing the environment, there is a demand with the Extreme Sports Industry from end users to for environmentally sensitive products and events in our beloved sports that rely on nature.

Surfboard Shapers

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We have been working with local surfboard shapers to reduce their carbon footprint with the aid of the data used in the Surfboard Carbon Calculator TM. Combining our knowledge of the Surfing industry and Environmental acumen we have helped save them money, waste, materials and most importantly Carbon.

Currently Decarbonated Sports work specifically in the surfboard industry but our skills and knowledge are transferable to other extreme sports and Decarbonated are developing other extreme sports equipment calculators, so snow and other water sports will be included in Decarbonated’s portfolio.

Sustainable Material Consultancy

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Decarbonated also offer a research study service to help companies implement sustainable materials into their product line. We have a vast knowledge of the latest sustainable materials specific to the extreme sports industry. Are you looking to replace some of the standard materials within surfboards, kiteboards, skis or skate decks with environmentally sound alternatives? Then Decarbonated can help, as we understand the material needs and production methods of extreme sports equipment.

see our Sustainable Materials Consultancy service.

Decarbonated is committed to improving the environmental and commercial performance of the Extreme Sports industry

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