Decarbonated Events

There is significant pressure on the Events Industry to become more environmentally responsible, with the development of Sustainable Events Management Standards (BS 8901 and ISO 20121), increased awareness amongst visitors to events and supply chain intervention.  The Events Industry with their use of energy (electricity, water and gas), resource use (marketing materials, catering and waste) and significant carbon based travel (road, rail and air), all generate substantial amounts of carbon emissions and environmental impact in general.

There are several ways in which Decarbonated can engage with event organisers and event management companies;

Carbon Footprinting and Offsetting

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This involves calculating the Greenhouse Gas emissions of the event and purchasing Carbon Credits to offset the environmental impact of the event.

Carbon Neutral Events

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This involves the first step of Carbon footprinting and then actively trying to reduce the carbon footprint, by introducing Carbon and Energy reduction measures, and then offsetting the remainder using UN compliant carbon credits in accordance to international standards e.g. PAS 2060. Your event can be advertised as Carbon Neutral, to increase attendance, add new marketing potentials and show your customers your commitment to environmental protection.

Sustainable Event Management

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Decarbonated can assist with the implementation of BS 8901: 2008, the Sustainable Event Management Standard.  This involves reviewing the proposed event and establishing the environmental impacts and setting environmental targets and objectives.  A structure for managing these impacts and achieving these targets will be produced and actioned.  Events are heavily reliant on supply chains and the management and engagement of these will be important.

Environmental and carbon management can benefit Events in the following ways;

  •     Reduce costs; through lowering energy usage, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
  •     Green marketing is a very influential tool to increase customer base.
  •     Advertise yourselves as a carbon neutral Events organiser.
  •     Prove to clients, Local Council & Licensing Authorities and the public that you can work to international  environmental standards.

Decarbonated are engaging all levels of the events industry, from small scale events to large festival style events.  Every event has an impact and we can help reduce the environmental impact and the financial cost.

Decarbonated can help improve your event in a sustainable manner

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