Business Management & Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses and organisations need to be constantly reviewing, adapting and improving in order to be competitive and remain in business.  There are many ways organisations can become more efficient, reduce costs, increase its brands reputation and enhance the wider perception of it.  Decarbonated can enable any organisation to realise these benefits through a number of ways.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Companies do not operate in vacuum.  They operate in a complex environment and organisations have to take the way that they interact with these dynamics seriously.  Organisations need to manage their operation in a responsible way.  This includes the impact on the health and safety of its employees, supply chain, customers, human rights, corporate governance and impact on the environment.  There are numerous standards and schemes to demonstrate CSR and Decarbonated can assist in the selection, adoption and maintenance of these.

Process Improvement

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By reviewing business processes and identifying weaknesses, failures or just areas for improvement or rationalisation can deliver significant business benefits, in terms of time, material and cost improvements.  Decarbonated have a history of employing the latest techniques to map, improve, re-engineer business processes and deploy innovative systems and solutions.

Management Systems

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The adoption of management systems can deliver real business benefits and are increasingly becoming a pre-requisite for retaining existing and winning new customers.  There are a range of standards that can be implemented and depends on the sector or market you are operating in.

    ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Quality management focuses on the customer requirements and ensuring that these are adequately identified, captured and fulfilled to the required standard.

    OHSAS 18001 – Health & Safety Management

Health & Safety management is crucial to any organisation.  With the significant legislation and duties on organisations to not just their employees, contractors, customers and the general public, this is an area that organisations cannot ignore.

Project Management

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Decarbonated have significant experience of project management and have a detailed understanding of the latest techniques to take any project through the entire process to a successful conclusion.

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